FilmCabbage is part of a privately owned and operated wealth lending program, operating since 2005.  Since that time we have funded many billions of dollars in loans to select partners across various industries, including Real Estate Development, Technology, Infrastructure, Hotel and Resort Development, and a wide array of other business initiatives.

"FilmCabbage" is our dedicated entertainment financing division, created with the goal of helping film professionals achieve attainable, affordable funding options for their projects.  We accomplish this by lending you our own private capital, or by underwriting your project in full with our assets, and by fully mitigating risk for all parties.

Our acceptance rate for projects is considerably higher than most conventional lenders or venture capitalists.  Under our traditional program (please see the "4-1 Lending Program" page) this is because the funds that we make available to lend to you are a factor of the portion of the total budget that you've already raised - as long as you have a minimum of $1M USD already in place and ready to deploy into your project we can provide a credit facility for your project for as much as 4x that amount. 


Under our secondary programs (please see the "SBLC 100% Funding" and "Asset Backed Bank Credit Line" pages) we work together with your bank to fund your project, completely underwriting the banks risk with our assets, to ensure you receive the funds you need.



                                    noun - informal term for money    


    film cab·bage   

                        noun - the most progressive source of Money for the Film Industry. 


To Support the Ongoing Production of Films, by Betting on Your Success

"FilmCabbage" simply makes sense.