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"Starting from our initial discussions, we have found that Fundingnet conducts their operations in a highly professional manner. Communication is always exemplary.  Since the onset of our participation in the Loan Sponsor Program, FundingNet and their associates have never wavered in providing us with timely answers to our questions to assure meeting our overall needs, and the program continues to deliver the promised results.  We look forward to further business initiatives with Fundingnet, should additional opportunities arise in the future."

Glen, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Investment Management Firm, Toronto ON

"We entered the Loan Sponsor Program toward the end of 2022, and have been very happy with the results.  Everything has been working extremely well.  Payments come in on time and as expected.  The program has worked exactly as advertised, and I continue to have full confidence in FundingNet and their programs."

Judith, Owner

Real Estate Investment Company, Philadelphia

(Full name and company information redacted to protect our clients from unwanted contacts)


A lending program that assists projects to be fully financed, while at the same time offering a “Project Sponsor” a superior rate of return on their capital (minimum of 18%) without ever having to put their funds at any risk....

FundingNet's Loan Sponsor Program provides benefits to our borrowers, and to the participating loan sponsors.  Loan Sponsors funds are always fully secured, with their principal always always safely positioned under fully regulated oversight.  As a result of their participation in the program FundingNet's banking partners extend to us additional credit, which we use to provide additional loans to borrowers.   NOTE ** This does NOT encumber the loan sponsor's funds in any way to our additional credit, or expose it to any risk.  The additional lending this provides to FundingNet allows us to finance projects that are too small to qualify for our standard Multiples Loan Programs.  FundingNet assumes 100% of the risk on the loans, while the sponsor simply receives a rate of return for their participation in the program.  Since the Loan Sponsor never has to have their capital placed at any risk, they are also not tied to any of the funded projects. 




If the funds you bring to the program are under $10M USD, you will be referred to a trust attorney (who will represent you, not FundingNet) who will hold your funds in escrow in their IOLTA/Trust account.  As the attorney represents you, you will have an escrow agreement with them regarding the holding of your funds.  That agreement will not only show how they hold funds on your behalf, it also will guarantee that you remain the only one that can direct them in regard to your funds - you retain total control.


If you have $10M or more you have the option to use that same IOLTA/Trust process, but you may also have the option to leave the funds in your own bank account and fully under your exclusive control, as long as your account is set up appropriately for the deal and is with a top tier bank in a reliable banking jurisdiction.


Once your funds have been positioned they will begin to earn their Loan Interest Rate return, which is disbursed to the Loan Sponsor participant on a monthly basis.  On the FundingNet / FilmCabbage loan side, we then initiate additional loans to more borrowers, and generate our returns from the fees and interest collected on those additional loans.




If you are interested in becoming a “Project Sponsor”, all that is required is for you to provide your FundingNet representative with your CIS (Customer Information Sheet), Contact Information and a recent “Proof of Funds” (showing you have the minimum amount of funds available to participate).  We will arrange for a call with you to discuss all of the details of the transaction.

Once you have been provided the full information about how the program works for you to review with your team, you can then determine whether or not you wish to proceed.



Minimum participation level is $1M USD.  The
 minimum expected commitment is 12 months, and can continue as long as you wish to remain the program.  If ever you wish to exit the program, the process simply requires 60 days written notice.



FundingNet has been providing bespoke, Private Financing to global projects for nearly twenty years.  It has been our ability to offer “wholesale” rates and unparalleled terms and conditions that has set us apart from every type of conventional Lender in the market today.  Now, through our “Loan Sponsor Program”, we have created an opportunity where traditional businesses and project Investors no longer need to expose themselves to the growing risks associated with project finance, yet they are able to reap the massive rewards that FundingNet is able to create for them in a risk-mitigated environment.

If you wish to Learn more about becoming a “Loan Sponsor,” contact your FundingNet Associate and Provide;
    i) Full Contact Information
    ii) Recent Proof of Funds

If you do not have a FundingNet agent, please reach out via our "About/Contact" page and a FundingNet representative will be assigned to you.

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