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In 2005 we developed our "Multiples" private lending platform that revolutionized how projects could be funded.  Lending primarily to retail lenders, and originally focusing on the real estate development market, we have been able to bring remarkably low rates/costs to the business of borrowing.  Combined with an approval process that follows simple yet logical assessment procedures, our lending programs have facilitated loans for many businesses that would never have been approved through conventional processes.

We are versatile - we fund projects in a multitude of verticals, such as Real Estate, Mining, Oil & Gas, Film & Entertainment and Infrastructure.  We are Global - we bank in every continent, and can facilitate deals in multiple currencies.  We are creative - where most find problems, we find solutions. If there is a way to make it work, we will find it for you.

FilmCabbage is our dedicated Film Industry model, offering the same low interest rate to the business of film financing.

By offering loans that can cover up to 80% of any production's budget, we can help new filmmakers achieve their dreams, established filmmakers reach new heights, and bring shelved projects back to life.  We help you make it happen!


FilmCabbage agents and representatives are active in many states and international territories, and generally work on a referral-only basis.  You can be referred to one of our representatives by contacting us through the form at the bottom of this page.

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Cliff Endicott

President, FilmCabbage

Vice President, FundingNet

A national marketing executive since 2005, Cliff has worked with clients such as Canada Life, Scotiabank, Transcontinental Media, Deloitte, McGregor and King Koil.  Also a lifelong movie buff, upon joining FundingNet he took the opportunity to fully develop FilmCabbage, FundingNet's entertainment lending program.

"When I discovered how the the Multiples Lending Program worked, the first thing I asked was, "Is there any way to offer this to the entertainment industry?"  Filmmakers often struggle to raise the full amount of money they need to finance their projects, so it seemed like a natural fit.  Then I found that through the wholesale lending program we had already loaned more than a billion dollars into entertainment projects.  It was then just a matter of finding the right way to bring film productions into the lending program.  And now, assuring filmmakers of no financial risk and the best possible terms, here we are!"




Contact us for an assessment of your project, or for answers to specific questions, at:

Alternately, fill out the contact form below and one of our representatives will get back to you.

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