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FundingNet Participates in 118th Congressional Black Caucus

In July 2023, FundingNet extended an invitation to TMI and Partners of NYC to become a direct representative/agent of the FundingNet programs. TMI and Partners is a proud minority-owned company, bringing business and marketing solutions to other minority owned businesses across North America. Operating as a 3rd party broker of FundingNet's programs since 2018, TMI's fierce devotion to our programs, as well as their persistent efforts to drive additional funding resources to their clients, have made them an ideal organization to partner with.

One of TMI's business partners is Heart and Soul magazine, headquartered in the Washington DC area. Heart and Soul extended an invitation for TMI and FundingNet to participate with them in the 2023 Congressional Black Caucus (September 20-24), an invitation that was gladly accepted. The Congressional Black Caucus is an annual event made up of (mostly) African-American members of the United States Congress and Senate, and attended by tens of thousands of business owners, as well as foreign and domestic governmental dignitaries. The awards ceremony on the evening of September 23rd featured speeches by both USVP Kamala Harris and US President Joe Biden.

FundingNet VP/Filmcabbage President Cliff Endicott, with TMI and Partners CEO Alvin Hartley.

Throughout the event, Heart and Soul magazine and TMI and Partners presented FundingNet's Multiples and Loan Sponsor Programs to qualified attendees, including a number of financial officers of governments, as well as business owner attendees. FundingNet VP Cliff Endicott was present to answer the more complex questions, and have high level discussions with those interested in utilizing the FundingNet programs.

FundingNet was extremely proud to have been invited to participate in this event, and we thank our new agent TMI and Partners, as well as their associates at Heart and Soul magazine, for welcoming us to this celebration of business and community.

On left: TMI and Partners CEO Alvin Hartley, TMI legal counsel Mal Woolfolk, FundingNet VP Cliff Endicott, and Wayne Biggs, CEO of Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority.

On Right: Cliff Endicott, Mal Woolfolk, Alvin Hartley, Marketing Director US Virgin Islands Celina Morris and USVI marketing team member Kyle Thomas.

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